"In our factory, we make lipstick; in our advertising, we sell hope." 
                                                                                                                - Charles Revson


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Cosmetic Advertising:
The Real Messages
in the media

Frank Baker, Kara Clayton
media educators

(NOTE: portions of this page are under construction)

actress Jamie Lee Curtis
goes without makeup

watch the Dove
Campaign for Beauty video

Fast Fact: "Seventeen (magazine) estimates that teens spend $9.3 billion on cosmetics and skin products a year..."  Source: Branded, page 28

: Ads in Spanish 

For young people today, how they feel about themselves is sometimes a result of the media messages they are exposed to. 

This website is designed to raise the awareness of educators/students who are exposed to cosmetic advertising in magazines. It is also designed to teach "media literacy," as a mechanism for understanding how cosmetic makers persuade.

Cosmetic makers spend millions of dollars annually to reach their "target audience."  One of their primary media vehicles is women's magazines (some of which you may subscribe to at school or at home).

To get started, we suggest that you begin start collecting cosmetic ads and put them in a file for later use. They will come in handy as you begin addressing this topic with students. 

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