Celebrities in Advertising (see also Cosmetic ads)
(several pages of sample ads to explore/download)

Commonly called "testimonials," or "celebrity endorsements," this technique of persuasion 
says that consumers relate to the person(s) appearing in the ad: if the celebrity/athlete/
star uses the product, then it must be good, so I will purchase/use it too.   Thumb through
almost any magazine these days (especially People, Golf Digest, Rolling Stone, Sports Illustrated
etc.) and you're bound to find at least one celebrity endorser.
See McREL teaching standards for ADVERTISING here.

NEW: US Magazine's FAKE NEWS: fact checking the other magazine's cover stories

Teaching ideas:

- ask students to come up with a list of "stars" who've appeared in ads (or commercials).
Can students remember the product name, or the TV show in which the testimonial appeared?

- what are the advantages of having celebrities in ads?  what are the advantages for the star? 
the advertiser? the product?

- have students examine one or more of the ads below- ask them to create lists of characteristics 
that an advertiser might be looking for when they choose a celebrity

- have students speculate in which magazines these ads might have appeared

- ask students: who is represented; who is not represented? 


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