AdWatch Columns for the 2012 Presidential Campaign
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The final salvos of the presidential race (Nov. 5)
PolitiFact: Presidential ads are scary but lacking truth (Nov.5)
Romney ad on Obama's proposal for secretary of business is misleading (Nov. 1)
Romney ad misleads on Obama biz plan (Nov. 1)

Obama puts Colin Powell in radio ad (Oct 31)
Ad watch:
Pro-Obama group ties Romney to Medicare fraud  (Oct 31)
Ad Watch
Mitt Romney targets welfare again (Oct 31)
Truth Test: Ads duel on Obama's economic record (Oct 31)
Ad watch
Obama camp responds to 'Jeep' ad (Oct 29)
Ad watch:
Romney takes on auto bailout, Obama cries foul (Oct 29)
Obama touts 'unbreakable' commitment to Israel (Oct 26)
Fact Check: Obama Ad Questions Romney's Stand on Women's Issues (Oct. 26)
Obama ad takes Romney remarks on Iraq and Afghanistan out of context (Oct 24)
Ad Watch
Romney hits Obama on economy in Spanish ad (Oct. 24)
Ad Watch
Michelle Obama appears for first time (Oct 24)
Ad Watch
Clint Eastwood stars in pro-Romney ad (Oct 24)
Romney Has More Promises Than Specifics (Oct. 23)
Anti-Bain, anti-Romney ads are back (Oct 23)
Obama makes closing argument (Oct 23)
Ad Watch
Romney pushes small Navy line (Oct 22)
Obama camp touts troop drawdowns (Oct 21)
A ‘greatest hits’ of misleading Romney claims (Oct 21)
Ad Watch
Campaigns Make Plays for Women Voters (Oct 19)
Ad Watch
Mitt Romney touts bipartisanship (Oct 19)
Ad Watch Anti-Obama ad focuses on form letters to families (Oct 19)
 AdWatch Obama camp says Romney 'not one of us' (Oct 19)
Ad Watch
Romney pushes Obama on immigration promise (Oct 17)
Mitt Romney’s ‘new math’ for jobs plan doesn’t add up (Oct. 16)
Ad Watch
Romney highlights top debate moment (Oct. 16)
Ad Watch
Obama camp says we're on right track (October 15)
Ad Watch: Obama targets Romney on birth control (Oct 12)
    Ad Watch: Obama goes after Romney's taxes again (Oct 12)
Ad Watch: Romney brings M1 tank into campaign (Oct 12)
Ad Watch: Romney promises not to raise taxes (Oct 10)
Ad Watch: Big Bird the faux villain in new Obama ad (Oct 9)
PolitiFact: Ad's anti-Obama claim garbles workforce data (Oct 8)
Ad Watch: A look at the latest claims by Romney, Crossroads and Hirschbiel (Oct 8)
Ad Watch: Obama attacks Romney's Libya response(Oct 8)
Ad Watch: NRA gets into race, attacks Obama (Oct 8)
Ad Watch: Super PAC says Romney will hurt education (Oct 8)
AdWatch: Romney pitches 12 million jobs in new ad (Oct 6)
 AdWatch: Romney promises 12 million jobs, but new ad short on details (Oct 5)
Dueling studies in new ads by Romney and Obama (Oct 5)
Ad Watch:
Former NBA player stars in Romney ad (Oct 5)
Obama whacks anew at Romney tax-cut plan (Oct. 5)
Ad Watch: Romney says Obama will raise middle-class taxes (Oct 4)
Ad Watch: Mitt Romney previews debate message (Oct 3)
Another misleading China ad from Mitt Romney (Oct 2)
Ad Watch: Obama accuses Romney of using miners as 'props'  (Oct 2)
Obama’s claim that the Bush tax cuts led to the economic crisis (Oct 1)

Ad Watch: Romney reaches out to everyone as '47 percent comments linger (September 26)
Ad watch: Obama again attacks '47 percent' quote, Romney's taxes (September 24)
The bogus claim that Obama ‘skips’ his intelligence briefings (Sept 24)
Ad Watch: Romney says Obama can't 'stand up to China' (September 24)
Fact checking a Romney appeal toward women (Sept 21)
A bipartisan foul: ‘Medicare is going broke’ (Sept 21)
4 Pinocchios for a truncated, 14-year-old Obama clip (Sept 20)
More flawed graphs in a Romney campaign ad (Sept 20)
Ad Watch: Romney targets coal vote (September 19)
Ad Watch: Obama super PAC puts leaked Romney comments in ad (September 19)
AdWatch: New GOP ad disputes Obama claims on taxes (September 17)
Ad watch: Mitt Romney courting middle class voters (September 17)
FactCheck: Romney ad suggests Obama is against Vegas (September 17)
AdWatch: Romney ad on economy short on specifics (September 17)
Ad Watch Campaign Ads Are a Window into the Campaign Id (September 17)
TRUTH TEST: Romney's ad on over-regulation (September 14)
    AdWatch: New GOP ad disputes Obama claims on taxes. (September 14)
Ad watch: Crossroads plays defense (September 14)
Ad watch: Romney says Obama letting China win (September 13)
Factcheck:  Romney ad takes Clinton comments out of context (Sept.11)
AdWatch: Swarm of new Romney ads strikes local chords, scratch surface of GOP alternatives (Sept. 7)

Ad watch: Romney says Hispanics are 'hurting' (August 28)
AdWatch: New Romney ad criticizes Obamacare (August 23)
Ad Watch CHILDREN (August 23)
AdWatch: Clinton hits GOP tax cuts, deregulation (August 23)
Ad Watch: 'Nothing's Free' (August 22)
AdWatch: Obama defends Medicare policies in ad (August 17)
Fact Check: Romney Ad Slams Obama for Medicare "Cut" (August 15)
AdWatch: Democratic super PAC ad revives attack on Romney's Bain Capital Role (August 13)
Adwatch: Romney Hits Obama on Religious Freedom (August 9)
AdWatch: Obama ad asks if Romney paid zero taxes (August 9)
New anti-Romney ad: same steelworker, tougher message (revised) (Aug 7)
AdWatch: Romney's welfare ad relies on assumptions (August 7)
AdWatch: Democrats' ad hits Romney on Bain past (August 7)
Obama knocked for not visiting Israel (Aug 6)
   Ad Watch: Obama Campaign Seeks to Recast Romney as Tax Raiser (August 2)
Obama’s new campaign ad on dueling budget plans (Aug 2)
AdWatch: Romney ad blaming Obama for layoffs after auto bailout (August 1)
   AdWatch: Obama ad portrays Romney as favoring rich (August 1)

AdWatch: Ad glosses over Romney's Mass. record (July 31)
An Obama quote taken out of context, yet again (July 30)
Ad Watch: What Does 'You Didn't Build That' Really Mean?  July 30
Ad Watch: Obama vs. Obama July 28
An anti-Obama ad, featuring a Jewish Democrat (July 27)
Ad Watch: GOP accuses Obama of breaking vows to improve economy (July 27)
Romney’s claims of misspent stimulus money (July 26)
Campaign Ad Watch: Obama for America, 'Always'   (July 25)
Truth Test: Romney sings while Obama belts out sour notes (July 25)
Obama emphasizes election's high stakes (July 23)
Conservative group ad rips Obama attacks‎ (July 20)
    Adwatch: Obama ad hits Romney's tax plan (July 19)
Ad watch: Romney targets negative campaigning
    Ad Campaign: Accusing Obama of Untruths Over Outsourcing (July 12)
Romney Ad Hits Obama on Truth Issue (July 12)
Adwatch: Romney ad accuses Obama campaign of lies(July 12)
Obama Pushes Tax-Cut Extension in New Ad (July 11)
Ad Campaign: Mentioning Potential Tax Increases, Staying Mum on Some Tax Cuts (July 11)
Ad says Obama makes excuses on economy(July 10)
Ad Watch: Obama Ad Focuses on Jobs in Romney Era (July 4)
AdWatch: Obama ad goes after Romney on outsourcing (July 3)

Obama’s ad on Romney’s fee-hike ‘mosaic’ (June 27)
 AdWatch: Romney ads use key local issues to sell his candidacy in battleground states (June 22)
Ad Watch: Ad Watch: Familiar themes in new Obama spots (June 21)
Ad Watch Claims about Romney's jobs record filled with half truths  (June 15)
Adwatch: Obama ad prods Congress on jobs plan (June 7)
AdWatch: Conservative group hits Obama on US debt (June 5)
AdWatch: Obama hits Romney's economic record (June 4)

AdWatch: Romney "day one" vows oversimplify (May 24)
AdWatch: Ad attacks Obama on promises (May 17)
AdWatch: Obama highlights Romney, Bain Capital (May 14)
Ad watch: Restore Our Future ad revives mommy-wars flap (May 9)
 AdWatch: Obama pushes recovery in new ad (May 7)
Obama Spot Offers a Rebuttal and a Jab at Romney (May 2)
AdWatch: Obama ad says Romney sent jobs overseas
 (May 1)

Obama ad watch: The bin Laden raid (April 30)
FACT CHECK: Romney on his dad growing up poor (April 26)
Ad Watch: Obama lauds his energy record
(April 19)
   Ad Watch: Pro-Obama super PAC ad claims a Romney win would be middle class’ loss (April 18)

Ad Watch: Spot claims Romney win is voters' loss
(April 18)
Ad watch: Dem super PAC casts Romney as candidate of wealthy (April 18)
Ad Watch: American Energy Alliance blames Obama for gas prices
(April 16)
PolitiFact Florida: Did Mitt Romney promise to protect oil and gas industry tax breaks?
Ad Watch: Spot touts Obama energy record (April 4)

PolitiFact: Obama ad's on the money about Medicare drug savings (March 27)
Ad Watch: RNC spot hits on Obama health care promises (March 22)
Fact Check: Santorum-boosting PAC Slams Romney, Obama (March 19)
New Romney ad says Santorum weak on the economy (March 16)

Ad watch: Pro-Gingrich PAC goes after Romney again (February 29)
   Fact Check - Gingrich Energy Ads Err on Facts  (February 24)
   Ad watch: 'Rombo' — here's mud in your eye (February 20)
Adwatch:  Rombo Ad (February 18)

Truth Test: Gingrich Ad Attacks Romney on Taxes (January 30)
   AdWatch: Romney's 1st negative ad targets Gingrich (January 23)  
Misleading Claims in Obama’s First 2012 Spot (January 20) 
 AdWatch: Obama's new TV ad, 'Unprecedented'
Fact check: Did Gingrich 'slash' federal spending? (January 20)
   Ad watch: Commercial underscores Gingrich debate point
(January 19)
   Adwatch: Santorum ad lumps Romney, Obama together (January 18)
   AdWatch: Romney's first ad defending Bain tenure (January 13)
   AdWatch: Gingrich ad targets Romney on abortion (January 11)

   Ad Watch: The Jon Huntsman campaign Rick Santorum ad claims he reformed welfare
  Ad watch: Gingrich's position on illegal immigration assailed (December 22)
  Ad Watch: Attacking Rivals, in Black and White (December 22)

  Adwatch: "We Deserve Solutions" (December 16)
  Adwatch: Smiling (December 9)
  Adwatch: Obamacare (December 8)
  Adwatch: New Romney Ad Implies Differences With Gingrich (December 7)
  Adwatch: Perry's New Ad "Strong" (December 7)
  Adwatch: Romney (December 6)

  Adwatch: Gingrich (December 6)
  Adwatch: DNC ad targets Romney over flip-flops
(November 28)
  Ad watch: DNC pits Romney against Romney
(November 28)
  Adwatch: Romney takes Obama out of context again (November 22)
  Ad Watch: Romney Takes On Obama (November 22)
  Adwatch: Rick Perry's new ad, “Lazy,” attacks both Obama and Congress (November 17)

  AdWatch: Rick Perry’s new ad, “Doer,” seeks to refocus spotlight on his jobs record in Texas (October 31)
  Ad watch: Perry on job creation and energy
  Adwatch: Rick Perry's ad in Iowa on jobs (October 26)  link to ad

  DNC ad nominates Romney as frontrunner (October 25)