Original lesson plans, ads, and examples for use in the classroom

NOTE: Having students use the questions posed in the MEDIA TRIANGLE
will be most helpful before addressing the issues in the categories below. 

Also, teachers may first want to have students review the "core concepts"  
of media literacy and the corresponding critical thinking questions.

This link on understanding color in ads and its meanings may also be helpful.

* Categories with an asterisk now include some ads in Spanish.

Associated Press


collection of articles on the growing trend of ads in videogames


Alcohol Ads*

This website is designed for educators who want to help make their students more aware of the marketing and advertising of alcohol.

Celebrities In Ads

Commonly called "testimonials," or "celebrity endorsements," this technique of persuasion says that consumers relate to the person(s) appearing in the ad: if the celebrity/athlete/star uses the product, then it must be good, so I will purchase it too. 

Cosmetic Ads*

For young people today, how they feel about themselves is sometimes a result of the media messages they are exposed to. 

This website is designed to raise the awareness of educators/students who are exposed to cosmetic advertising in magazines. It is also designed to teach "media literacy," as a mechanism for understanding how cosmetic makers persuade.

Credit Card Ads

A webpage for educators who wish to introduce the concept of financial and media literacy to their students, via the use of credit card ads in magazines.   Under construction


Diet (Weight loss) Ads
Just updated: January 2009

Food Ads*

The advertising of snack and so called "junk foods" to youth is being blamed for an obesity epidemic in the United States and elsewhere. Is advertising to blame? How does advertising work to target young people? 

This web resource is designed to help educators/parents who wish to study print food advertising found in magazines. We offer
a sample of ads and questions for you and your students to begin their examination and study.

Political Ads

website with links;

see also fully developed site with lesson plans, background and more: 
The Role of Media in Politics


Prescription Drug Ads

This web page is designed for educators who want to have their students analyze prescription drug advertising and marketing via magazine/TV advertisements.

Product Placement

articles, background on the trend of product placement in everything from TV to sports to film and beyond

Sexual Messages in Ads/Media
(under construction)
Sports & Ads

a resource on the vast topic of role and influence of advertising on sports, athletes and events
see also Super Bowl

Tobacco Ads*

Resources devoted to media literacy as it relates to tobacco, including counter-advertising;
see also Smoking Activity/Lesson Plan 


Kids watch TV 

Toy Ads

This is designed to be a lesson plan activity, and at the same time, a valuable resource  for educators and parents who want their kids to become media literate when it comes to television and advertising.


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