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"If students can learn to analyze the commercials they see on TV, they will be better equipped to
evaluate the claims that advertisers make; they will be able to look beyond the sell and become less
likely victims of deception; and they will learn to separate the double-talk from the facts."
(Don Kaplan, Television and the Classroom)

"It's hard to imagine where advertising doesn't appear nowadays," said Erik Gordon, a Johns Hopkins University marketing professor. "You can make an argument that the whole world has become an ad. Nothing is sacred anymore. It even appears in my dreams -- my bad dreams."
(Quote from news story August 6, 2006, Baltimore Sun)

What do you want your students to know about advertising? More than likely, you will find
it here. Most state's teaching standards now include advertising in English/Language Arts,
Economics, and Health. Advertising now appears everywhere and companies will do anything
and everything to get their message in front of the eyeballs of their target audience. 

Lesson plan: Deconstruct A TV Ad           Advertising to Advertisers
        Streaming media clips about advertising

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